Logically Drumming


Remember how you felt the first time you heard the distinctive beginning of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ or Phil Collins’ iconic drum performance on ‘In the Air Tonight?’

Mastering your performance via Logic Drummer will add a color to your music and control that otherwise would take countless hours to achieve. Obtaining a strong hold on Midi programming, sampling, and proper tuning of the drums to your composition aids your hit record creation. Bestow your captivating drum patterns the world!


Proficient navigation skills in the Logic software, current Logic license

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Using Drummer Like A Pro

Session 1 – Drummer PT 1

  • Introduction to the Drummer
  • Building out a drum track using the Drummer


Session 2 – Drummer PT 2

  • Continuing Building out a drum track using the Drummer


Session 3 – Drummer PT 3

  • Convert Drummer regions to Midi to edit
  • Using the event list to edit Midi
  • Converting Drummer track to a multi out software instrument for flexibility when mixing


Session 4 – Drum Tuning

  • Choosing kick, snare and other kit pieces and what kit pieces are available in the different parts of the drum mix
  • Tuning and damping the kit pieces so it better suits the song


Session 5 – Drum Routing

  • Customize the multi out routing for the drums to appropriate auxes and submixes for ultimate flexibility when mixing


Session 6 – Drum Sample Replacement/Augmentation

  • Covers how to use one shot samples to replace or augment different kit pieces
  • Covers using additional built in drum samples or 3rd party drum samples
  • Look at Logic’s double or replace drums (built in Slate Trigger-like tool)


Session 7 – Starting the Mix

  • Overview of DAW signal flow (channel strip, aux/sends track stacks, etc.)
  • Discussion of gain staging
  • Creating the static drum mix


Session 8 – Continuing the Mix with EQ

  • Instantiating and using an EQ across all the drum tracks, and using it to enhance them
  • Discussion and demonstrations of the different EQ’s available in Logic. The channel EQ vs. linear EQ vs. vintage EQ collection and when each maybe suitable


Session 9 – Continuing the Mix with Compression

  • Instantiating and using a Compressor across all the drum tracks, and using it to enhance them
  • A brief discussion of the different flavors/colors/emulations of the Logic compressor
  • A brief discussion and demonstration of side chaining


Session 10 – Continuing the Mix with Compression PT 2

  • Compression and routing on the drum parallel bus
  • Using saturation on the drums


Session 11 – Spatial Effects (Delays & Reverbs)

  • Discussion of insert and send effects, and how they differ from each other, and when and how to use them
  • Where to use delays and reverbs on the drums and which types are appropriate
  • A brief discussion on the different delays, tape delay, stereo delay, etc. and when each type may be appropriate
  • A brief discussion of the different types of reverbs, Chromoverb vs. Space Designer, etc. or should you go more old school with one of Logic’s other reverbs?


Session 12 – The Drum Bus

  • Limiter, Clipping and other drum processing


Session 13 – Exporting/Archiving

  • Discussion of different file formats for exporting and sharing options built into logic
  • Exporting multi tracks, stems, and stereo mix of the drums with and without effects for Importing into another DAW or long-term archiving


Session 14 – Creating Templates and Saving Patches

  • Saving patches of drum sounds you routed/tuned/processed.
  • Creating a template so you have good starting points going forward


Session 15 – Q&A and 3rd Party Drum Libraries, etc.

  • Answer questions about what we covered and what options are available for 3rd party drum libraries and how their accessibility compares. Also, discussion and resources for drum samples.