Intro To Mixing


The mixing process polishes your rhythmic and melodic choices. Tell your story.

Mixing is the act of balancing levels and managing frequencies. Do you value tiene duende sounding mixes? How would you inject emotion, clarity, and ear candy into your creation?  

*tiene duende – magical, inspired



Proficient navigation of preferred DAW, adequate monitoring, interface of choice, and control surface, if applicable.

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Session 1 – Organizing the Mix

  • Discuss easy to remember marker placement systems
  • Marking up the session for quick navigation
  • Review using markers to show and hide tracks automatically
  • Changing track names in order to remember their contents

Session 2 – Preparing to Mix

  • Importing and creating a track order
  • Sorting tracks using folders
  • Gain staging
  • Cleaning up tracks

Session 3 – Creating the Static Mix

  • Setting levels and pan for individual tracks
  • Creating a basic master effects chain
  • Applying broadstroke filtering and compression to achieve a controlled static mix

Session 4 – EQ 101

  • Subtractive versus additive EQ
  • Broadstrokes versus surgical EQ
  • Identifying and addressing problematic frequencies
  • Carving & enhancing tracks and buses

Session 5 – Compression 101

  • Smoothing track levels
  • Creating punch & excitement
  • Routing techniques which ensure that vocals are always audible

Session 6 – Effects 101

  • Folders versus buses
  • Use of spatial effects such as reverb and delays to glue the mix together
  • Enhancing tracks using creative effects such as saturation, filters, chorus, etc.

Session 7 – Automating the Mix

  • Breathing life, dynamics and extra excitement into the mix by automating levels, panning and effects

Session 8 – The Revision Process

  • How to deliver the mix to clients for approval
  • Executing revision requests efficiently
  • Learning to identify the finish line for each project

Session 9 – Finalizing the Mix

  • Final tweaks to the master chain
  • Exporting your work as a stereo bounce and/or stems
  • Best practices to prepare the mix for mastering