Navigating Music Licensing


When was the last time your creativity has made money in the audio industry? Eliminate the anxiety of not knowing where to go or how to profit without compromising your art. Join us in helping you navigate the world of licensing from the blind perspective.


In order to benefit from the music licensing course, the learner must have functional knowledge of the following tasks

  • Functional comprehension of a screenreader and its role in performing everyday computer tasks.
  • Basic familiarity with word documents and spreadsheets.
  • Basic understanding of copy, cut and paste. General knowledge of file management (i.e. renaming files, reorganizing files, and creating/retitling folders).
  • Ability to perform the task of compressing and decompressing folders (i.e. zipping and unzipping folders)
  • Functional knowledge of navigating the internet.
  • General understanding of day to day email operations.
  • General knowledge of music production tasks in the DAW of their choice (i.e. recording, editing, arranging, loading virtual instruments, loading audio effects, quantizing, etc…..)
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Session 1 – The Business of Music Licensing

  • Understanding the different streams of revenue
  • Understanding the legal terminology
  • How to not get barred from the industry
  • Structuring your business and taxes


Session 2 – The Tiers of Music Licensing Companies

  • Understanding each tier and their clientele
  • Generating income while improving your production skills
  • Pros and cons of exclusive and non-exclusive deals
  • The pros and cons of working with PROs


Session 3 – Standing out in the Marketplace

  • Discovering what you do best
  • Maintaining a professional public image
  • What to look for in a company
  • The ethics of communicating and pitching your music


Session 4 – How to Structure Your Music for Licensing

  • Exploring the different ways to format your music
  • How to keep your tracks interesting
  • The difference between music for beat licensing and music for sync licensing
  • How to properly end your tracks
  • How to maximize your song lyrics for more placements


Session 5 – Mixing for Music Licensing

  • Understanding the frequency spectrum
  • Understanding the stereo field
  • How to create depth in your production
  • Making sure the drums knock
  • Low end
  • What separates the pros from the beginners
  • Identifying resonant frequencies
  • The truth about gain staging
  • Sound design


Session 6 – Mastering for Music Licensing

  • The difference in mastering for beat licensing vs. sync licensing
  • EQ and the master bus
  • Setting your master bus compressor
  • Achieving that wide professional sound
  • Adding that sparkle to your tracks
  • Limiting the secret for maximum loudness
  • Mastering for different platforms


Session 7 – Everything You Need to Know about Deliverables

  • The golden rule – always check the specs
  • Organization and file management
  • Alternate mixes and edits
  • Meta data and contracts


Session 8 – Speeding up the Process

  • The ideal template
  • Strategy for non-exclusive tracks
  • Strategy for exclusive tracks
  • Taking advantage of AI
  • Tips for fast tracking your success