Navigating Pro Tools


Are you going to school and need audio accessibility training operating Pro Tools or Logic?

Vocational direction determines Logic or ProTools. Electronic and midi producers use LOGIC. Engineering, post-production and mixing use Pro Tools (or Reaper). Going to school you will need both.

Current Pro Tools license, iLok if applicable, Mac computer, converter/interface, audio monitors (headphones &/or speakers), microphone, a full-length QWERTY keyboard with a numpad, and a Midi controller.



Proficient with Mac OS and voice over navigation

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Session 1 – Pro Tools Installation and Authorization

  • Run the installers for Pro Tools, plugins, and iLok license manager
  • Pro Tools Setup -set playback engine. Explore and make changes in the start screen. Create a new session
  • Explore file menu
  • Opening and saving sessions


Session 2 – Mix Window Overview

  • Track strips, inserts, sends, mute, solo, arm, meters, faders, scribble strips
  • Track show/hide button
  • Track list table
  • Groups list table
  • Explanation of different track types
  • Audio -mono/stereo
  • Aux track -mono/stereo
  • Master track
  • Midi track
  • Instrument track
  • Click track
  • Explore track menu


Session 3 – Recording Basics

  • Creating an audio track
  • Arming and disarming track
  • Checking levels
  • Recording the audio 2
  • Playing back
  • Adding and selecting a second track, exploring options menu, and inserting effects
  • How to insert plug-ins
  • Explain in detail the UI layout track and FX routing
  • Route tracks to aux bus
  • Insert FX on aux track


Session 4 – Midi and Instrument Tracks

  • Midi basics explained
  • Create an instrument track
  • Instantiate an instrument plug-in
  • Pick an instrument preset
  • Record midi
  • Explore event menu
  • Change tempo
  • Quantize
  • Transpose
  • Single note transposition
  • Change velocity
  • Change note lengths


Session 5 – Editing Basics

  • Explore top portion of edit window, edit tool cluster, editing modes explained, counter display cluster, grid
    nudge cluster, transport view cluster
  • Timeline navigation (bars, beats)
  • Making selection in/out, start, end, and length fields markers
  • Exploring edit menu
  • Cut, copy, paste 3
  • Zooming and nudging
  • Explore remainder of edit window
  • Composite playlist takes


Session 6 – Working with Imported Audio

  • Importing audio
  • Finding BPM of audio file
  • Using elastic time and pitch
  • Exploring audio suite menu
  • Using audio suite plug-ins


Session 7 – Basic Automation

  • Automation modes explained
  • Automate volume/pan, mute/solo
  • Plugin automation
  • Exporting and bouncing -bounce to disk -commit -freeze -export


Session 8 – Flo Tools

  • Installing and authorizing Keyboard Maestro
  • Installing Flo Tools
  • Flo Tools key commands


Session 9 – Workflow

  • Session organization
  • Grouping tracks
  • Loading and saving track presets
  • Loading and saving session templates
  • Importing session data


Session 10 – Tweaking Pro Tools Prefs

  • Miscellaneous, Q and A
  • Tie up any loose ends