MPEP Virtual Training

Music Prodution & Engineering Program: Virtual Training

I See Music’s Virtual Music Production and Studio Engineering program for the blind is performed via video conferencing. This training process consist of the following steps:

  1. The potential learner shows interest in audio production.
  2. I See Music will perform an intake evaluation to determine the learner’s current abilities in adaptive technology, audio technology, background in the audio industry, and intended vocational goal as it pertains to the audio industry. Intake evaluations normally take on average, two to three hours and can be done via phone conference.
  3. Based on the evaluation, the evaluator will put forth a recommendation for equipment necessary for training. This equipment will range from adaptive technology to conventional technology and audio equipment. The learner will need the recommended equipment in place to began training. If learner desires or needs assistance with setup, I See Music can provide this service both in person and or remotely in addition to the tuition.
  4. Once learner has satisfied tuition, he or she will receive an official email welcoming them to the targeted course. The email will include the following:
    • A Zoom link to the scheduled session.
    • A link to Teamviewer for any necessary remote assistance that maybe needed.
    • Attached documents and links to further assist with the optimization of computer and software.
  5. Upon course completion, trainers will submit an evaluation to any requesting person or agency of the learner’s progress in the course.

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