Faster with Flo Tools


Want to be a faster and more proficient Pro Tools user? Ready to learn the state of solo, muted, selected tracks and more with fewer keystrokes?

Faster with Flo Tools increases efficiency by enhancing the workflow. It simplifies the navigating process. Flo Tools streamlines and automates tasks enabling you to deliver projects in a timely fashion.



Current Flo Tools installed, competent navigation of Pro Tools, current Pro Tools license, current license for Keyboard Maestro, iLok as a cloud-based or physical key, Mac computer, converter/interface, audio monitors (headphones &/or speakers), a microphone, a full-length QWERTY keyboard with a numpad, and a Midi controller

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Session 1 – Getting Started with Flo Tools

  • What is Flo Tools?
  • Flo Tools requirements
  • Downloading and installing Keyboard Maestro
  • Downloading and installing Flo Tools
  • Setting up OS to work with Flo Tools
  • Setting up Voiceover to work with Flo Tools
  • Setting up Pro Tools to work with Flo Tools
  • Starting a New Project with the Flo Tools template
  • Introducing the Flo Tools Shortcut Helper
  • Introducing the Flo Num Pad


Session 2 – Checking and Changing Track Properties with Flo Tools Inspector

  • Changing track name and editing track comments
  • Arming, soloing and muting tracks
  • Adjusting track volume and panning
  • Checking and changing track input and outputs
  • Turning input monitor on/off
    • Resetting
    • Checking volume
    • Peak meters
    • Changing the status of solo, mute, show/hide, select input monitoring status on multiple tracks


Session 3 – Project Setup and Session Info

  • Changing editing mode with Flo Tools
  • Checking and adjusting session counters
  • Changing nudge/grid values
  • Making a selection using Flo Tools
  • Checking and adjusting transport controls
  • Play list shortcut keys
  • Track comping with Pro Tools/Flo Tools
  • Adjusting volume using clip gain
  • Changing the automation mode on a track
  • Writing automation on a track


Session 4 – Flo Tools, Plugins, Sends and Routing

  • Using Flo Tools to check insert status and instantiate a plugin on a track
  • Introducing Flo Tools plugin
  • Introducing Flo Tools plugin views
  • Introducing Flo Tools plugin view creation
  • Introducing the Flo Mouse
  • Using the Flo Mouse to instantiate plugins on multiple tracks
  • Using Flo Tools to check send status on tracks
  • Using Flo Tools to instantiate a send on a track
  • Using the Flo Mouse to instantiate a send on multiple tracks
  • Using the Flo Mouse to set multiple tracks to the same output
  • Solo saving a track/auxiliary track using the Flo Mouse
  • Writing send automation
  • Writing plugin automation
  • Introducing track folders
  • Track folder type differences
  • Adding tracks to a track folder
  • Changing the routing of a track folder


Session 5 – Basics of Controlling a Session with the Presonus Fader Port 8

  • Changing the fader banking style
  • Selecting and renaming tracks
  • Solo/muting tracks
  • Arming tracks for recording
  • Changing the volume/panning of a track
  • Moving by markers
  • Changing automation mode
  • Writing automation
  • Controlling sends
  • Controlling plugins
  • Automating a track send
  • Automating a plugin