Have you ever dreamed of a vocation elevating people’s nightclub experience? Or making someone’s wedding day ultra special? Or creating smooth and memorable transitions for someone’s graduation?

DJ Pro provides learners a comprehensive understanding of the DJ software and techniques as a screen reader user.



  • Intermediate to advanced understanding of OS of choice
  • Virtual DJ or DJ Pro software
  • DJ controller
  • If applicable, bone conduction headphones, conventional headphones, microphone and PA speakers
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Session 1 – Getting Connected

  • Introduction, course objectives and goals
  • Downloading, setting up, and configuring software and hardware
  • Signing up for and/or connecting DJAY to Spotify


Session 2 – Learning the Layout

  • Exploring menus
  • Learning the main screen
  • Customizing views
  • Learning hardware controls
  • Customizing hardware controls


Session 3 – Let’s Get This Party Started

  • Loading tracks
  • Crossfading tracks
  • Cueing tracks
  • FX and sounds


Session 4 – Hey DJ!

  • Finding songs to fill requests
  • Syncing decks
  • Using match mode
  • Using the cue
  • Using automix
  • Making playlists


Session 5 – Run that Back!

  • Loading songs from other libraries
  • Recording sets
  • Managing files and settings
  • Final exam