Introduction To Mac OS and VoiceOver


Do you feel using computers are too daunting? Are you struggling to relearn computers as a blind/low vision person? Are you having problems transitioning to using a screen reader? Are you experiencing difficulty converting from PC to the Mac platform?

Step by step, we remove the hurdles and anxieties and walk you through achieving basic performance of the operating system. Equipped with multiple methods, you’ll be able to confidently access and navigate pertinent areas of the computer.

Students develop the ability to navigate the MacOS from the blind perspective using keyboard shortcuts. Navigating the internet, basic OS management including organizing, transferring, and deleting your files. Creating, sharing, and accessing folders and files. Emailing, texting, and word processing. Accessing and using the Cloud all using Apple’s screen reader.



Mac computer with adequate specs and QWERTY keyboard familiarity.

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Session 1 – Basics

  • Discuss Mac Computer Keyboard Layout
  • Tips for working with a TouchBar Mac
  • VoiceOver KeyCommands of Note to get started
  • Opening VoiceOver Utility and Setting Preferences.
  • Verbosity Category
  • Speech category
  • Sounds Category
  • Commanders Category
  • Setting VOiceOver To Come On On Log On
  • Vo Tips – VO+F1 VO+F2


Session 2 – Finder

  • Finder Preferences (Determining what shows up on the Desktop, Setting the preference for what new Finder Windows show, and showing file extensions)
  • Getting around and Navigating the Finder
  • Mac OS Key Commands to open specific folders like Downloads, Documents, iCloud Drive etc.
  • Copying Pasting and Cut/Moving (selecting single file, Selecting Files Adjacent to each other, and selecting Non adjacent files) to copy, move (cut), or delete
  • Different ways to Launch apps
  • Installing Apps (.PKG file vs .app file)
  • Quick look to quickly Preview Files.


Session 3 – The Dock, Menu Bar, And System Preferences

  • Explaining the Dock And MenuBar (aka the menu extras area)
  • A look at customizing the dock
  • An Overview of System Preferences
  • Customizing your Keyboard settings, and Adding key commands to the system.
  • Look at other accessibility settings like System Voice (what’s used to speak Komplete Kontrol for example), Mouse Keys and Zoom.


Session 4 – Setting Up Mail, Messages And Safari

  • How to set up Mail with a new account
  • How to navigate your inboxes, Universal vs Individual Conversation view, etc.
  • How to read, Reply, Reply All, Forward Mail.
  • Sharing and saving Attachments
  • Setting up iMessages
  • How to browse conversations read and reply
  • Send or save an attachment
  • Using the share sheet to share through message or Mail.
  • Safari, Visiting sites, Navigating the web and downloading files


Session 5 – Other Apps

  • Using Text Edit
  • Using Notes
  • Setting up DropBox, Google Drive iCloudDrive etc (whichever they already have an account with)
  • Setting up Zoom


Session 6 – Advanced VoiceOver Settings

  • TrackPad Commander – Use the same Gestures you do on iOS to Navigate your Mac
  • NumPad Commander – Even more customizable than Keyboard Commander and TrackPad Commander.
  • Activities – Application Specific Settings
  • HotSpots and Item Chooser