Jacques Franko

image of male siloette

My journey in music began at the age of 8 when I was first exposed to an acoustic drum set. My neighborhood friend explained to me what everything was and within minutes I was playing a basic groove and ever since I have been hooked. Not long after, my uncle, who was a notable blues musician, saw the potential that I had and began paying for formal drum training. Once I became a teenager, my love for music evolved and I began learning the piano. I continued learning and growing as a musician on into college where I minored in music with an applied emphasis on music theory and the art of composition. After college I began performing live and teaching private music lessons. However, with the advancement of technology and accessibility came a drastic shift in my musical focus. In the year 2014, I bought my first apple MacBook and my first digital audio work station named logic. From that point forward, I began focusing on the art of music production and composing music for visual media. My beginnings in music for picture were primarily geared toward content creators and influencers who needed music for their social media content. However, after a few years of practice and formal training with award winning TV Film composer, Eddie Grey, I began to compose music for the TV and Film industry. My endeavors in this industry have already resulted in some major placements. To date, my music has been featured on CBS, NFL, NFL Network, Fox Sports, TBS, Nickelodeon, VH1, BET, the English Premiere League, and the Australian Open with so much more to come…

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